About the founder




“My name is Daniella Gail Tauwnaar (37). I was born and raised in Wageningen, a small town-settlement in Suriname (South America), established for industrial rice farming. I grew up with neighbors and friends from different ethnicities (Amerindians, Maroons, Indians, Javanese, Chinese, and Whites) and religious backgrounds. I engaged with both the rich and the poor. With the highly educated and successful, and with the illiterate and unknown. Our home was a place where all these people came to laugh and cry together, where we learnt how to respect and appreciate each other no matter where we come from, what our sexual orientation is or what our physical and mental limitations are. I can relate to life in a small town, as well as to living in the city because I’ve experienced both. In the past 15 years, my innate curiosity and my work as an ambitious and innovative journalist in radio, print and television have added more ingredients to the mix. And more recently, the completion of my International MBA and the Caribbean Leadership Program (CLP), as well as the successful battle against breast cancer.

Amongst the many things I’ve learned in the past years, the importance stands out of intergenerational and cross-sectorial collaboration that fuels social and economic development. I’ve therefore decided to dedicate my knowledge, experience and professional network to this goal. As a young social entrepreneur it is an honor to provide a platform where the (local) business community and its stakeholders can effectively engage, communicate and collaborate.”

It is generally important that our mission, vision and values, are supported by passion. A passion for a cause. One that drives us to initiate, to act and that draws us into creating the best ways to contribute to sustainable social and economic development. It’s passion that causes me to step up to the challenge of establishing DIME Network and to take on the ambitious responsibility that goes with it. My story is that of someone who has been building stuff her whole life and is taking taking her ‘passion for a cause’ to the next level by collaborating with thoughtful and inspiring others.