DIME Network Business Channel

Our Statement

DIME Network Business Channel creates, generates and distributes multimedia content with regard to the business community in Suriname and abroad. Our purpose is to be a reliable information source for the local and international business community. Our content is distributed through on and offline media; television, internet and social media.

Our mission

DIME Network Business Channel provides the business community in Suriname and abroad with end-to-end media and networking services that raise public awareness and sustainably promote social and economic development.

Our vision

At DIME Network Business Channel, we collaboratively develop, generate and distribute engaging multimedia content that deepens and broadens the scope and impact of our partners and communities.

Our Values

At all times we strive to be collaborative, innovative and people centered.

Our proposition

DIME Network Business Channel is the most international local business channel.

By acting as an anchor (mainstay and broadcaster) for the local and international business community, DIME Network Business Channel presents the unique opportunity to explore collaboration possibilities, and business opportunities bringing international and local business networks together.

 Motives that inspired the establishment of DIME Network Business Channel

Collective brainpower

This digital era is undeniable an exhilarating time for doing business. The values of DIME Network Business Channel are based on the conviction that in the 21st century, more than ever we need to rely on eachothers intelligence and resourcefulness. Collective brainpower and innovative entrepreneurship will enable us to conduct business in a time-saving and sustainable way.

Information sharing

Information is the lifeline of every society. By sharing information widely DIME Network Business Channel promotes equality, collaboration and vital social and economic change and development. When people are well informed they get a deeper understanding of the issues, challenges and constraints that influence their daily lives, and how to overcome these peacefully.

Springboard for social change

Economic meltdowns have the tendency to produce a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs with the ability to rebuild and restore social inequality in a sustainable way. As a springboard for social change, DIME Network Business Channel focuses on inspiring and engaging younger generations, closing the gap between skilled leaders and innovative young professionals and entrepreneurs.

What we offer our communities

DIME Network Business Channel produces, generates and distributes multimedia content for online (internet & social media) and offline media (TV).

Television consists of the following content brands (local TV programs):

  • DIME Business Update (weekly newsmagazine on business and finance)
  • Plant Aardig (weekly infomagazine on agriculture)
  • Moneyball (Talkshow/magazine on sport business and profession)
  • Research for Development (Talkshow on education and science)
  • International Relations (Talkshow on international relations)
  • Red Carpet (Talkshow on creative industries)
  • CONNECT (Talkshow on developing issues)
  • Legal Advisor (Talkshow on legal education)
  • Health & Wellness Desk (Talkshow on health education)

Online media consists of:

  • Website (TV guide, TV programs, Company Blogs, Online Ads)
  • Youtube (Archive TV programs)
  • Facebook (TV guide, TV program announcements, engagement activities)
  • Instagram (TV guide, TV program announcements, engagement activities)
  • Linkedin (Business news updates, networking & collaboration opportunities)
  • Twitter (Business news updates, networking & collaboration opportunities)
  • App (DIME content on demand. App in development)

 What we offer our partners:

  • Partnerships
  • Sponsorships
  • Paid programming
  • Advertisement
  • Events

3 times more airtime and 3 times more advertisement value with our 8 hour programming, daily themes for targeted advertisement, global content, unique and engaging TV programs, active online community, CSR contribution through shared purpose

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